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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

looking for Glenn in Texas

Brother I have your castings here and ready to ship . Don't have an address or number to call you. If you read this post , give me a call soon . We're good to go. john

" if your coastin , your goin down hill "  jg

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chopper Builders Handbook , The Gospel by Gary

Today's Blog is about  " The Chopper Builders Handbook "
The Handbook is by Gary Weishaupt .
Some of you already know of him and his incredible wealth of knowledge . I am going to give you some back ground as best I can . Several years ago I got tired of being a life long cabinet maker and decided to go a different direction in trades . Took welding school at night  , built a frame table and didn't have a clue where to get good info . When you decide to do anything with motorcycle related products , you will run into wall after wall . Everybody feels threatened that you might take a sale from them. Even when you asked questions that didn't relate to there bottom line.  That didn't stop me from moving forward , it just took a little longer . Then one day I heard about Gary and his Chopper Builders  Handbook.  I located his site early on a Sunday morning and I spent the next 8 hours in front of my computer screen reading everything he had to say about frame building. Thank You Gary , what a surprise for me to see someone not only sharing this material , but it was Free !
He lists frame plans
frame jig plans
front end springer plans
You name it and its in there and FREE !
Now this was years ago I met Gary . Recently I asked him a question and then  he told me that Chopper Builds have come to a halt  for him in Texas . I could hardly believe what he was saying , This guy is the Gold Standard on getting it done right. With Baggers and Street Bobs being the current flavor of the year , the old style is fading even further in the distance . All my life Harley is the only motorcycle I ever wanted . Honestly , there is not one on the floor that I would ride home today . To complicated with all the new regulations and rules . Computer diagnostic to tell you whats wrong .
Im not ragging on the Brand , just sharing my feelings about the newer models. Harley's are all I want , just not the newer stuff.
Everything goes in cycles and I am sure hoping that the old stuff comes around sooner than later .
Hardtail Choppers is all about the older stuff .  There is very few places to get this info and  " The Chopper Builder's Handbook is a wealth of knowledge . Take a few minutes to punch up his site and I am pretty sure you will be drawn in to his world of knowledge . If you don't like doing the dirty work , this probably isn't for you . But for the guys that eat , sleep and breath sparks and metal , your in for a treat . Hours upon hours of reading material. What you don't know will amaze you. Gary always makes me feel like the student and that s fine with me. Don't go anywhere Gary , There is still guys coming up that need you .
You can contact Gary through his web site with questions and  the man will get back to you fast . He is a one of a kind for sure .
If you have plans to build frame's  or front end's go the the Handbook and find out how little you may know. It happens to me everytime I read his material.
Thank You Gary for all the help you've been to me and my shop . Best Regards Sir , John

" if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg

Sunday, October 20, 2013

58' - 64' H - D Drop Seat Castings

Last January, Back Street Choppers ,  The Horse  ran a tech article by ,  Michigan Master Fabricator , Fab Kevin . If you've picked up a copy of the Horse ,  then you know he is a bad man and know's his way around a work bench . The January issue caught my eye back then. Anything Kevin touches I like to study. I understood what he was doing but I just wasn't convinced the work was worth the effort . I read every line and stopped to study each image. By the time Kevin was done , I was a believer . He shows 2 frames of the same model except for one is a drop seat and the other one is a 65' or later .
don't trust my eye's , you can see for yourself in the lower picture , 2 frames side by side . Kevin definitely hit the mark.
The tech article by Kevin is with his blessing .
Couldn't seem to spin the mag. article to show the images easy.
Kevin located a set of drop seat casting . Called me to see if we could reproduce the cast part .
Seems he got some guys thinking about doing this mod to there frames .
Top image shows a stock drop seat castings.
Hardtail Choppers will be offering this Drop Seat Casting in Mild Steel . Should be ready to ship sometime in December , January at latest.  We are busting ass to get this part on deck .  don't have a price yet . Interested parties can contact me at or call the shop 360-750-6780

Remember , " if your coastin , your goin down hill "

Special Thanks To Fab Kevin for all you do . Keep up the great work.  Regards s, John

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Post - 57 Pan

 Been a while since i posted anything. Lots going on and that is a big reason i haven't  been here lately. Too much to post in one day so will just bull shit about my friends from Alaska .
Keith and Adam blew into town last week. Adam had just been to the Reno Air Show on this sweet 57 pan. Keith was on his Fireman Bagger . Glad to see both these guys.
 Adam still lives in Bristol Bay Alaska and flys out regularly to get some riding time in.  500 mile days are just fine with him. He commercial fishes when they run and runs a welding shop the rest of the year. The bike stays at an undisclosed location while Adam is tending his nets . Keith painted it a while back.
 And you can see " The Artist " formally known as Keith ,  sitting on his red bagger . Keith how rides 365 in Northern California  . Enough cold winters up North drove him and his wife Cheryl  South .
Not just sure what Keith told Cheryl ,  but the version my wife got from Cheryl when she called here looking for Keith. She told my wife that Keith and Adam were going for a 3 hour ride.  Hell , it took them 9 hours to reach my place in Washington State . And the next morning they were still heading North with the sun on there faces and big smiles .
Haven't talked to my ol pal since he left here 3 days ago. Will love to here how this turns out when he finally make's it home . I am not calling there till the smoke settles .  Love my pals and its all good . Guys just wanna have fun too .
Not sure what the last image is . Tried to show an image of Adam standing on the kicker but the black square is all that came up.
Been doing a lot of custom Bars for guys wanting something with a personal touch. We build pretty much any style a guy can dream up. Keep adding new stuff all the time so check back when your at the key board from time to time. Got some cool Tech stuff will be posting shortly. Got to get to the shop and machine up a stainless single downtube cast neck for a shop back east.
If you have comments or questions , give me a hollar. John@ 360-750-6780 or

Remember , "if your coastin , your goin down hill " . jg

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rubber to Rigid in a Flash ! Sportster Hardtail

 This is our latest addition of parts for the 2004 and up  Harley Sportster .
This is a kit we developed that will change a Rubber Mount Stock Sportster  Motor to Rigid Mount.
You can say why would you want to do this to a nice new bike  ? . Well a lot of these nice new bikes are getting sliced and diced . Hardtail Addicts will throw a rigid rear end on these frames and have a blast .
 There is one thing to mention. With the motor rubber mounted in the rigid frame , the chain drive can and will smack the frame by the rear passenger foot peg. Besides , the engine just dancing all over the frame looks wrong to me .
If you have a title to a frame and you like keeping the title Harley . This is one solution you might think about.
All the mounts are CNC Machined By Tyson . One Bad Jose on a Milling Machine. Solid Aluminum . Everything you need to Solid Mount the Front and Rear .
 Next Post I will show all the parts clearly for your inspection . I am proud to offer these parts . As usual . All our stuff is made right here at home . USA
 Maybe this is your next project , maybe not . Tell a friend with a Sportster . He might be glad you did .
 Our production line of these parts will not have the Hardtail Choppers Info all over them . Then maybe they will .
 This Kit will be available First Week of April . List price will be $375 for everything you need to convert to Rigid Mount. $15 shipping in the USA .
I would like to get some feed back about this new product . We are  here to try and give you what you want but can't find any place else . I know Bob will be glad to see his project moving ahead . Had this on the back burner for a year . Now it's here and it's Right . Call or click with questions or orders . John@360-750-6780  " if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg

Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb. 4 th Post . Lot's goin on !

 Haven't been on this blog in so long you may think something happened to me. Well it did , I got busy . Still pumping out the castings . Got some in aluminum to show off in my next post . Thats right , all aluminum frame castings. Aircraft quality 356 aluminum , heat treated for    strength.
 This is a short post as Teddy will be here to work in a few.
This is a frame i made a few years ago for myself. I had a sporty motor for it at one time . Had a sporty front end with 9 spoke cast wheels  . Just a little toy to play around with.
 Well cash was short , so the motor left my shop .  Damn , then the frame left for california and rolled around a few shops but no one wanted to put it together . so it took a truck ride to Florida and sat there for a while. Then i get a call from a guy in New Hampshire wanting info on the frame.
 I wrote back and told him what i could. told him i wish i still owned it too. Had fun with it. Was going to have it Galvanize finish and paint the grade 8 bolts black . Made the tanks from 2X4 tubing. Tank is rubber isolated but doesn't look like it. Well dude bought the frame. Put his twist on it , didn't paint it . except to scribble Low Life on the Tanks.  Don took first place in the bobber class  at a show he took her to recently.  I love it. Definitely made me smile. Glad it worked out for him. Everybody's happy.  Gotta Roll .
Remember , " if your coastin , your goin down hill " . JG
Thanks to Don for sharing the photos. Enjoy the Ride .....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Honda 750 Rigid Frame !

 Never had anything to do with a Honda until this project came along. First , Seth came to me with a goose neck plan for this frame. Before long it changed hands before construction started . In steps John C . Now his idea was to scrap the goose neck and shorten it up a bit for his wife Ashley . I had a stock frame and motor to use for dimensions . Every frame is welcome here . Have a V - Rod rigid project coming up. That should  be fun  . Thats Teddy Bear behind the frame. Sweet Welds !
 Never seem to get the perfect shot in a small shop. Tried to get an assortment of angles to view.  The frame sits 4 " off the ground . Slight drop seat  . Will run an exile brake sprocket set up.
 Zero engineering reproductions springer front end set at 38 degree rake .
 Used my cast  reproduction axleplates to give it the industrial look .
 these last three images of John and Ashley's bike sit in the front room of there Home . Motor sits in the chassis and gives the old 4 banger a pretty mean stance .
 They have a ways to go before they fire it up . Nothing like a project in the works to get you out of bed everyday . I never wanted anything but Harleys in the garage . But I am enjoying seeing what other people put together . If you have an idea for a project , maybe I can make it happen for you.
 I got a sketch of a frame in the mail tonight from Max in Florida . Guy never built a bike in his life and he is chomping at the bit to start . He wants low ,  cast axleplates , 40 degree rake with a Zero springer . Everything he wanted was cool . Some guys just got it . Like I said , guy want a rigid V rod. Yeah ! . I want to test ride that machine . Its going to Cali .
If you have any questions or comments. Fire away .
" if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg