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Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4 , 2011 Post

 It's April in the Great NorthWest and it's still raining like a Crazy . Perfect time to get that ride ready for the dry stuff . Come on dry weather. Lot's of shop time when it's like this. I know a lot of you are ready now.  Posting a few images of parts I make in my small shop. We have these handle bars we call Dukes and Big Dukes . One inch or inch and a quarter tube. Chrome , powdercoat or raw. Any rise and width you want.

 If anyone out there rides a softail and wants it to look a little harder . Here you go.  Converted a softail swingarm to the old style axleplate's I manufacture. We furnish stock swingarms or you can send me yours to modify. Micky Edlund from Sweden used to make a wishbone frame with a swingarm using the  rigid style axleplates. Don't think Micky is doing frames anymore. I own one of his rigid frame bikes , and I flat love it. 40 degrees in the neck , 180 mm rear tire and an Evo motor. The guy definitely knows his trade. Of course her name is Road Rage . One of my earlier posts shows me sitting on her.

 Below is a picture of 2 single downtube necks we are offering . Stainless steel or mild steel. Neck is set at 30 degrees and the downtube and back bone tube is for 1 1/2 " tube. Easy to weld . No other shop I know of offers cast steel necks in so many options. I can flat out make anything you want to dream up. Call me and we can talk about any of these parts . 360 750 6780 shop # .
 I only have 2 of these sweet little Stainless steel Axleplate belt buckles left . If your a frame guy like me , this is one you might like .  They are reasonable and definitely show some style.  Measure 3 " tall and 4 " wide. 2 left my friends.
 Now here's one shot I took at the mouth of the Columbia River . That's a good fishing spot . Apparently the water  fountain is a little fishy smelling .
I enjoy posting images and adding some text. If you have suggestions  or questions about any of the images or just want to say Hi  , I am here in the shop staying dry till the weather breaks.
" If your coasting along , your going down hill " . jg


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