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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4, 2011 . Ironhead Sporty Frame Build

 This is what's been keeping me busy lately. Wanted to post as i went along but just got caught up. This is called the "Sancho" frame for Taber at Nash Motorcycles. Originally the Sancho frame was for a shovelhead. This customer wanted it for a Ironhead Sporty so some changes have been made.
 These images show some of the construction as it was going together. There are more images if you need to see more. Dropped the neck down a couple inches and stretched the rear end about 2 1/2 ". This will get a custom springer from 3 Guyz in Portland.
 Anyone tells you it goes together fast is full of bull. These are not mass produced frames so each component has to be hand made . I love that part . It just always takes longer to complete than I ever anticipate . I keep doing it and I don't know why.
 This last image kind of gives you an idea how small and tight this bike will be. Once the frame leave's here today i may not see it again. It goes to a local shop to complete . I will try to get some shots of it before it hits the road . If you have a design for a frame you want build , I will work with you to give you just what you want. Thanks for Tuning in , and we have operators standing by to take your order. (wife) .  Remember "If your coasting, your going down hill ".  Later, jg


  1. Jason TBW
    Let me know what you think of this frame. Next up is a single down tube frame using my cast neck . Not sure what motor to use in it. Sporty or Big Twin . Got a cheap Evo sporty motor for sale ? Let me know when your ready to try some castings. John

  2. That frame rocks! I dig that "gimp" neck design as well as the way you do the rear top loop on the tail section. I might have a lead on a motor for you. I met with Tim @ bikers choice this week end. He said he had already talked to you about using you cast necks for his early model rubber mount design. Hopefully we will start building them soon. You will be the first to know. Still thinking about castings. Tuff to come up with something new.

  3. Spoke with Tim Saturday. That deal is probably not going to work out for me. I did see the neck that he bought from you. I can see were the "heavy weight" in your slogan comes from. That is a high quality piece. Heavy = strong. Very nice.

  4. Jason
    Man that's to bad you won't be working with Tim.Still trying to find time for a single downtube frame .Got a cfl frame to knock out first. He offered those for a grand on his 10 year anniversary . should have bought one. They will probably be worth something in the future.They look good too.Got a customer that wants one.cci has them but i think they run $2500 . Yeah the necks are heavy weight.Glad you saw one. I need to hit the shop and get some work done.Good huntin , jg

  5. just discovered this blog, one of my favorite frame very cool neck! it's definitely my dream frame style! too bad i'm located too far away.
    pls. post more pics of your #9 and sancho frames. thanks more power!