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Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18 , 2011 " Midnight " Rigid Frame

For those of you just tuning in , this is the frame that has taken way longer to build than it should have. My last post gave some images of this frame in different stages.  Joey picked it up last night and I was real glad to load it in his rig.  Now I will have to wait to see what he puts together with it. I will add images when that happens.
 Here are a few more images as I moved along. Its strange how you have fun even when your working your ass off. You will notice the jig in different positions to make this as easy as possible. I would definitely rate this frame table as a Heavy Weight Champ .
 As I said before , it is a mix of a couple of WCC models with my spin on the rear section . You will notice no neck gusset. That will be added by customer with a design to still be finalized.  Joey had a big influence on this frame. As usual , we bounced idea's back and forth . But Dude is totally cool leaving overall decisions to me . Give me an idea and let me do my thing. This is a true labor of love. No one gets rich building frames. I am always ready for the next challenge.
 Again , I want to say , my blog is all about making cool parts , showing tech tips , current shop projects .
Also we like comments about parts you would like to  see out there , that just don't currently exist. Some times we like the idea's and will work with you to make it happen . I am open to just about any reasonable idea that won't cost to much to get off the ground.
 We finally got a day where the sun came out and we saw the sky . Really , We saw it yesterday.
Its still raining here in the Northwest. It's green but it's wet . Had to drag Joeys frame out and take some shot's in the sun . I finished this frame at midnight on Thursday . This frame will be " The Midnight  Frame " . Earlier post showed the single downtube being made. These bikes will be around for a long time. It's not everybody's cup of tea , but you can't make everybody happy. As long as my customers are happy , I feel like I did my job.
So until Joey finishes this bike , I'll just keep posting what ever is going on in the shop at the time. Makin shit and having fun doin it.  Remember , " If you coastin , your goin down hill " jg


  1. That frame turned out killer. Cool to see more fixtures on the jig. I did my rear section supports almost the same way. I like the way yours clamp the tubing better. Keep up the good work. Haven't seen a post in a while good to see your not coastin.

  2. Jason
    haven't figured out how to post a comment on here. tried to say hi back yesterday and i didn't have any luck. So hi back today . if this goes , ill add more info. NO COASTER'S ALLOWED !

  3. Jason
    Seemed to work o k from this computer. Don't know what i did wrong the other 3 times I tried it. Got a sporty frame in the jig now. Another one of those #9 frames , Nash has on his site. This one goes to France. Will post some images of it as it goes together . Been checkin your site. Nice work coming out of Texas . See your state is on fire . Got to go mix up some urethane and pour 2 molds I have ready. Still working on springer front end castings. some new risers are in the works. Calling these new ones, Capone's . Straight up gangster . Think the Cali boy's will love them . should have them in 2 weeks. Like I said , " if your coastin , your goin down hill " . Gotta go bro ! jg