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Monday, August 1, 2011

Machined Axleplates

 Haven't spoken about the machines axleplates we also carry. These are machined mild steel for easy welding. they come with aluminum axle covers . One's sitting on table are not drilled yet for the cover.
If you look at the bike on the lift , you will see what they look like when welded to a frame.
 They will except 3/4 " or 1 " axle . They measure 1 1/2 " wide , 3 1/2 " long and 2 1/8" tall.  We have about 20 sets on hand and then they are gone . first come , first serve.  If your looking for a modern style axleplate, these are sweet . We get $110 a set and $15 shipping in the usa.
 These 2 images I never get tired  of looking at . Big friggin S&S engines. I am sold on there motors . No Twin Cams here. This one belongs to Bob Lynn and sits in the frame you see above. It came out of my frame jig and is flat out fast som bitch . We kept the neck low but really put the front end out there. It's over 50 degree rake somewhere . I knew , but i have forgotten what we ended up with .
 Just a short post tonight. wanted to share these images with anyone who cares.  If you have questions or comments. give me a hollar .   " if your coastin , your goin downhill ". Keep choppin my friends . jg

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  1. nice work john,so enjoy looking at those motors and frames. is that trick photo or it must be a right side drive?