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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rigid Mount Fender on a Swingarm

 I didn't get Dennis's Wishbone frame finished over the week end . Magoo showed up with his Softail Project and wanted to mount a fender .  He had the original fender struts cut off already . This really cleans up the swingarm . Looking more like a rigid everyday. Well , almost.
 I have seen where guys solid mount a fender to a swingarm so the fender  can ride close to the tire.
I had not done one of these mods' before . It turned out to be real simple . I guess you could make it complicated but I chose not to go that route. He does not plan to ride passengers on the fender . I was surprised at how strong this fender felt when bolted down . You could sit on it and i don't think its going anywhere . After the fender blank was mounted , it was time to cut some kind of profile .
You can cut these fenders to any shape you want and this is about as big as i like to run on my bikes.
Magoo is on his way over to pick up his bike  today . I think he will be good with this fender .
 Tried to get some shots of the mounts I welded to the frame .  This is simple stuff to do when you have the right tools . Just weld a couple of threaded pieces of bar stock to the swingarm on each side of the fender.  For the center brace i just bent some flat bar to the profile of the fender . Drilled a couple of bolt holes and welded it to the swingarm .  This worked real well . It was simple to do but still took some time to fab up the mounts.
 This frame looks a bit high in the front so i checked the rake and trail. It has a 44 degree rake . Uses adjustable triple trees made by one of  Magoos pals. They work perfect and bring the trail back to proper spec's . 4 inches of trail is right where you want to be. He's running a set of my " Duke " handlebars . With the sporty tank riding hight on the back bone like a proper chop should.
This post today is just to show the do it yourselfer how to do simple fender modification . Hope this will give the garage builders tips they can use on there bikes.  Anyone having comments or questions , can send them on over here and I will do my best to answer you soon as i can.
Next post will be of Dennis Y. finished Wishbone Frame Project. I think you will like the look . It is classic and will never go out of style.
 Till next time , "if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg


  1. Hey nice! But I have a question. How is the mudguard fastened at the rear end, because I'm thinking of the time a few miles down the road when the front bolts loosen or simply the engine and road vibration causes the mudguard to flap a little before being grabbed by the rear tyre ...

  2. Dr Boots
    Good question . This swingarm arrived with the mud guard already bolted to it using what looked like 1/4 " inch bolts with nylock nuts . The 4 bolts look like they will hold fine. One in each corner . Some blue locktite and that should be good for what ever . Thanks for the question , good knowing someone is interested in what we do here. Anything else you want to ask is o k . Sometimes i am the teacher and sometimes i am the student. I don't know it all and am eager to learn everything i can about motorcycle frames. Stay tuned for the next post of Dennis's cool wishbone frame . Regards , John

  3. Always make sure your beach cruiser is locked up with the proper lock.
    Also make sure you lock your tire to the frame of the bike, and the bike frame to the bike rack.
    kids bike

  4. Nice work - what brand/size was the blank fender? Thanks!


    1. peter , we used an aftermarket fender the customer walked in with. I like the sweet fenders Paul @ Bare Knuckle Choppers makes. they are heavy duty and fit the round profile of your tire. not like some flat fenders on round tires. Give him a call. the work is well done. Material is thick and they are priced right. Give him your tire size and he will take it from there. Good luck . jg