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Monday, November 7, 2011

Blacklline Apes

 Lot's going on around here lately . With our introduction  of Bars for the New Blackline , we are busy with the 2 styles we build.
 The images posted today are some special order bars for Tyler's Blackline. He is over 6 ' tall and asked if i could tilt them forward 10 degrees .
Once these were installed on his bike , he sent a video of him sitting on it.  He was happy .We can build these style for your bike or leave them on there natural plane with out the forward bend. These are 16" tall. Most orders are in the 12"-14" range.

 Bottom photo's are some risers we did for the Blackline. These will just clear the speed o . customer special ordered this height. We will have these on our site shortly. If your interested in just some risers , we will have them in black or chrome. Any height you want . Price's  still to be worked out .
 all the images you see today are from customers wanting something they could not find any where else.  If you have an idea for a cool part and want someone to put it together for you , Call Me, . We are not afraid of the tough jobs . Just a short post tonight. If you have questions or comments , click away .
" if your coastin , your goin downhill "jg

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