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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blackline T Bars

 T Bars mounted on an H D Blackline .These  are 14 " tall and 30" wide. With grips they measure at 32 " wide. If you don't own a Blackline you don't have to worry about having a model bike that only fits one bar.
As owners of a Blackline know , there is not many options in the handle bar department .
 We have 3 model bars for the Blackline. These T Bars , our Dukes , and our new " Ace Ape's " . Will post images of the Ace Ape's middle of week when they  get back from Powdercoat. Similar to the stock bars only with height and made from 1 1/4" tube .
We make bars for all models bikes  in several size's of tubing . custom orders excepted . Fast service . All American made parts . Give me a hollar if your in the need for a set of bars for your ride.  Thanks .

" if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg

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  1. Please note that your cruiser will not be apt to rust unless exposed to moisture for long periods of time.
    Try to avoid getting sand on the bike chain, and/or on the gear sprockets.
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