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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot Rod Whizzer !

 Not a chopper but certainly a fun toy . This Whizzer powered road machine is one fast som bitch !
 Bill Green owns this one and it's for sale . First off before I go on about the bike , let me say that Bill is a certified mechanic at Columbia Motorcycles H-D. He know's his trade inside and out . He excesses to the  max on anything he does . So what  that mean's is , This machine is spot on perfect down to the spokes.
 With the  Whizzer in a stock mode , it was to tame for Bill . He redesigned the head and side cover, had Tyson  machine new ones to Bill's specs . Bill played with everything on the bike until he was satisfied . Hell , just look at his front yard , it's perfect too. I like his style . He definitely like's his stuff nice.
 Oh yeah !  did i say it is fast ?. It will do over 50 mph and has 8 or 900 miles on it . Can pull a hill like no other whizzer in this area .
 He has a sticker on the tank that peals right off . It was an advertisement for some coffee house while it was riding in a local parade . If this is something you might be interested in owning . Bill has finally decided to put it up for sale. His asking price is $4,500 and he seems to be pretty firm. I rode a white one that is a twin to this one and I had a ball with it while it was at my shop. Hated to see Jim come get that one. This is the Hot Rod of any bike like it I know of .
If this is something you might like to own , give me a hollar and I'll put you in touch with Bill. The Black color just make's this bike stand out. You just want to get close to it and look at every little detail .
I have built a frame similar to this for another guy but he has not completed it yet. If I can snag a motor , this is definitely going on the ,  To do list.
" if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg

Friday, July 29, 2011

16 " Rise " Duke " Handlebars

 Lately I have posted images of handlebars I am cranking out.  Here is a model that bolts directly to the top triple tree . These are original Dukes ,  only they are pretty tall . These are 16 " to the tallest point and 27 " wide.  I mostly use .120 wall tubing .  Little more rigid feel over the .095 wall tube most bar makers use.
Most of us like to spend time looking at our options when it comes to picking out a special part that is going to make your bike stand out . Wow ,  how many word's in that last sentence .  I read some where  ,  "if you want to blend in , ride the bus " . Well these bars will get some looks . good or bad , who cares if they are what the doctor ordered for your ride.  They bolt direct to the 3 1/2 " bolt pattern on your trees .

I can build them to suit your height  , width  or tube diameter  . 1 " or 1 1/4 " . Chrome , powdercoat or just plain raw . These are not drilled for internal wires per customer's order.  No extra charge for drilling or dimpling . I will be updating my web site and giving some better tech info on my products.  If your ready to put up your  " Dukes " , call me ,  i'll cut you a deal .  Now some of you are going to ask , how much pull back and I tell you , this style bar is completely different than standard bars and its hard to explain the pull back. Just take my word for it , these bars have been designed for max comfort . Your wrist's are not at some uncomfortable angle like so many bars .  If you think these are something you might consider putting on you bike , call me and we can go over any questions you might have. Call  John@ 360-750-6780 .  Remember ,  "if your coastin , your goin downhill " Tell anyone that will listen that john has some cool shit and they need to check it out .  Thanks again to everyone that has helped me get to this point .  good huntin ,  jg

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sportster T Bars - 16 " Rise

Recently I had a shop in California ask about X L  Bars  mounted on tall risers.  Posted some images of them last week.  This is another set. These are  the 16 " riser model.
 Tubing is 1 " . These bars are drilled for internal wiring .  These  will to be black powder coat .
They just bolt direct to your top triple tree .  Nothing earth shattering .  Just some bars with  attitude.
 These are set on a stand that is on a  30 degree rake ,  like most stock bikes.  Special requests are built , no extra charge . Any height you want , I  can do that ! .  These are raw for the moment . Chrome is available . Black Chrome will be available in a week or two . The chromer is just getting set up for Black Chrome. Any comments or questions are welcome .
 To those headed to Sturgis ,  Ride Safe , have a great time and stay out of JAIL !
Remember  "if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1 Inch " Duke" Handlebars

 Today's rant is about some bars I build . These are my 1 " tube called " Duke's "  , As in Put Up Your Dukes . There are two styles of Dukes I build .  1 " tube and 1 1/4" tube .
The other difference is that one model bolts directly to your top tree with 3 1/2 " bolt patten. The second model bolts to your standard risers. One allows for adjustment of the bars to suit you. The other doesn't .
 Both models are comfortable  . The stand that these are bolted to is angled at 30 degrees. So this is what they will look like on most front ends close to stock numbers.  I can work these over a little if you need some mods to suit your bike.
 The bars  on the stand are on there way to the chrome plater today and then off to Carlos in Texas . These are 16" tall and 27 " wide . Just what he ordered .  They can be made 6 " to 16 " tall. Width can be what you want. All my bars can come in chrome , powdercoat to suit your color like's or just plain raw .
 Drilled or undrilled for internal wires , again , your choice.
To order a set  , just click on my email address and let me know what works for you. Or call me right now at 360-750-6780 . Remember if you see it here , chances are you can't get it anywhere else. That's my goal .   " if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13 , 2011 Your Axleplate Connection !

" Chili Dog " doing her perimeter check !  Everything's cool . Where's the Beggin strip? How can you argue with a face like that ? .
 These next images are my pride and joys . For those of you that are new to this blog site. You have just found The Heavyweight Champ of Hardtail Frame Castings.  These castings are in a league of there own. No import crappy metal castings if you don't want them anymore. These are made in the Pacific Northwest USA .We carry them in mild steel or stainless steel. Ready to ship when you are. We have been sending these all over the world and everyone has been happy with the quality as well as reasonable price.  If you need more than just axleplates for your project , we have most castings for the wishbone frame. These axleplates are used by guys that are hardtailing shovelhead frames also.  If you have any questions. Just give me a call john @ 360-750-6780 .  check the web site for more images of cast parts as well as our bars .
Special thank's to Aki at Hogkillers . Glad to be a part of your projects.  john

Just Remember , "if your coastin , your goin down hill "    Don't you just love that one ! jg

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11 , 2011 " Risers for Street Bob Harleys "

 American made parts are hard to beat. Most of us pounding out parts are doing it because we just love to make stuff. The money sure helps but if your like me , you make stuff even when you don't make money. Just because your good doesn't mean you'll be making any money . Seems we all need a touch of luck to keep everything running smoothly  . I sort of feel i am in the first group. I GOT NO LUCK !.
Still waiting for the phone to ring . One of these days ! .
Lately i have been making more handlebars . You think , they bolt on and we don't give it much thought. BUT ! No way , every time we get things figured out, someone comes along and changes things up and creates new problems and new solutions .
What I am getting at is most bars bolt up to a riser mounted on the top tripple tree with 3 1/2" center bolt pattern. Unless you have a springer.  With the introduction of the H-D Street Bob , harley decided there top tree had to be different from every other model. There idea was to machine  the risers right into the top tree. This kind of limits the bars you can mount . Especially if you want to move up to 1 1/4" dia. tube handlebars . Some of you are content to use the stock bars. For those of you that want a solution to the issue , there is a machine shop in my area that has not only redesigned a riser to bolt directly to the stock top tripple tree, but he has a line of top tripple tree's that are designed to replace the stock top tree with a  traditional top tree. These are cnc machined and first quality. The risers are 2 " model pictured. These are available from 1 " to 6" . They are priced reasonable and can be purchased through me . Like all my parts , these fine parts are made in the USA .  If you have questions , you can call me personally at john 360-750-6780 .
Hardtail Choppers will continue to bring you new and innovative parts and services . Tell your friends about us . Remember , "if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9 , 2011 " New 12 " Riser - XL T Bars "

 Today's Post is about some new bars I am now making. These are a version of the famous X L  bars made popular on Sportys.
 what makes these a bit different is that they are tig welded to the risers. I will make these mostly in 12 " and 14 " riser models. They measure 31 " from tip to tip. The stand that they are mounted on for the images is at a rake of 30 degrees. So this is what they look like on a stock 30 degree front end. If your in the 32 - 34 degree rake area , they will just lean back 2 - 4 degrees.
 these can be drilled for internal wires or dimpled like stock bars. They can also be made in any height by special order, no extra  charge . The X L  T bars come in Black powdercoat , flat or gloss , Chrome or Raw .
 Different parts of the country like different bars and these are definitely California Bound . If your after something a little different from the stock look , go to my web site and see if any of my " Dukes " or " Big Dukes " work for you.  If you still don't see anything that works for you , draw something on a sheet of paper and send it to me. I can probably twist up something pretty close .
Hardtail Choppers is all about bikes and bikes first . We like to offer unique parts that are exclusive to us alone .  If you see it here , you probably can't get it any where else.  If you can , my quality will win every time . As well as price. With that in mind, I still keep my prices fair . Quality is a standard we live by. We back our products and you can always talk to me direct by calling john @  360-750-6780.
I will sign off here with my usual quote. " If your coastin , your goin down hill "  jg

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1 , 2011 Number 9 Frame Update !

 My last post showed some images of a Number 9 Ironhead Sporty frame I am building for Nash Motorcycle co. This one goes to France . We sell a few of these and are always looking for the next build.
 It has a lot of different bend's you usually don't see on custom's . You definitely know this is not stock and if your like me, You have to check it out.
 This frame has 35 degrees of rake in the neck. It is stretched 2 inches up and the outward stretch ( some) . Can run up to a 150 mm rear tire.
Teddy Nash came over on Wednesday and welded up the frame. Always nice to have a skilled hand come by and get busy . Thanks Teddy .  Lot's to do in the shop so I will make this a short post and get back to work. Like I said ,  "If your coastin , your goin down hill" jg
 Feel free to comment on this project or any project you would like to see. Have a Great Fourth of July !