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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rubber Mount Sporty Project Part 2

 Part 2 of the Sporty bike build .
 That's Teddy Nash under the hood . He's a good hand and is always willing to work his ass off. Normally the frames are cut , bent and welded by me. But I have no problem bringing in help when it gets busy . I like this  guy , he come's in , checks out the job, turns on the machine, grabs his hood and gets busy. Next thing I know , he's throwing the frame in the back of his truck and out of here.  No drama , no complaints about nothing . Just a  real good hand . He is always welcome in my shop. Thank You Teddy .
 Motor sitting in the engine compartment . Damn little thing looks good. The motor you saw in part 1 is in my shop and is a 2004. Has 4 thousand miles on it and will be a great power plant at a good price. $1,500 for  motor , carb , tranny at the Salvage yard .  Man you can't touch any other motor out there for that , these come with tranny attached.  What a bargain. If you can't go to the dealer and buy a new bike , this is sure one good way to get your knees in the breeze at a bargain price. You can build as you can afford the parts .
 There are several shots of the mounts . Still in the positioning of motor before welding mounts solid.
 Added 2 inches of stretch to the back end. Front dropped a couple of inches .
 Nash likes those knobby tires. I think it will look pretty sharp with them on front and rear . Teddy is doing the custom tank for this ride. The guy can do it all .
Now just because you see this bike being built at Nash's shop, doesn't mean you have to go to him to build your bike. If you draw a picture of a frame you would like built , I do custom orders at very close to my standard frame pricing.  I can take your idea and send you a running bike . Hardtail Choppers can do it all . Only one rule. Rigid Only . So until this bike progress's  to the next step , stay tuned . Will post images of complete bike as soon as its ready to roll . If you have questions or comments , go ahead and shoot them on over . This bike will be going to the  Nick Perry Cartel In Los Angeles on Melrose Ave . Check them out. Cool people doin cool stuff.
" if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg

From Rubber Mount to Rigid Sportster Frame

 Well I am back with some images of a recent build I have been working on . I have a lot more images of this build so this will be a two part story . Taber at Nash Motorcycle Co. called and said he had a customer with a newer model rubber mount sporty . They had decided to build something a little more to there liking. With most of the parts on the doner bike , they first off had to decide what frame to use on the new build. Nash has some frames they market and this one is a version of there Gimp Neck Frame.
 Most of our frames are for older motors , although this one is for a newer  rubber mount motor. I was told to use one of these motors in a rigid frame , it had to be converted to solid mount . Company's have tried to rubber mount the motor in Rigid frames but there is problems with them loosing belts . This is what I am told . I can't say for sure.
 This build will be using a chain for the final drive . Couple of shots of the rear motor mount I decided I liked . Went through 3 - 4 different ways to attach the rear mount. This seems to work well and being I used 3/16 " wall tubing , the backbone and motor mount area will be stout. The tube also goes all the way through the 1 "X 2 " cross tube . It won't be going anywhere . Once the motor is set in frame and centered , Motor mounts will be welded in place.
 The finished bike will sit level at 5 " off of the ground .
 Last image is of the frame almost ready to set the motor in . Its out of the jig and came out pretty sweet .  One thing about Nash Bikes, they won't get lost in a parking lot full of bikes.  Glad I got to work on a rubber mount conversion. Will have more images in the next post .
Like I always say ,  " if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg
Stay tuned for part 2 of this post .

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Leaving Iraq

Todays news is filled with story's of our troops leaving Iraq . Nine years of fighting ,  finally over .
Our country has given a lot to try and make the world a safer place . I won't talk about the politics of the war , though I could go on for days .
The Holidays upon us and what a great Christmas to know Iraq is behind us and our Brave Troops are now safely out that country .
I see all the young faces of our soldiers on t v . These Brave young men and women willing to say , my country needs me . I salute you . Your all hero's and set a strong example for  all of us .
There were over 4 thousand american lives lost in Iraq . Over 100.000 Iraqi may have also died . Big sacrifices on both sides.  I won't put my personal feeling to print about the war , that would take way to much time.
Today I just wanted to say that Heh , we got a great bunch of Americans doing our dirty work and doing a good job at what ever we throw at them .
America still has problems in other countrys right now. We have soldiers in harms way all over the world. This is the times we live in . It will probably continue to repeat itself.  So with this said  , we will continue to need more brave young men and women to serve . I salute you also.  In my day there was Viet Nam going on. I didn't go and was told they would take women and children first . I didn't plan it, in fact I got my draft card and I had to call to find out what my classifacation was . Heh it was the 60's , I'll just leave it at that .
 To every Vet coming home , your all friends of Hardtail Choppers . Life's more fun on a Motorcycle , get one or two or three .
Thank You for your Service and to all the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice .
Happy Holidays from John @ hardtail choppers

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cast Metal Parts and Arts

 I would like to Thank the Academy , my Wife and the Tools in my shop for making this all possible .
How's that for an opening ?
 Now that I have had one of these little fellas in my hands , it's pretty cool . This particular Oscar was given to the Actress Lana Turner . She starred in ,  The Postman always rings twice  . Maybe for that movie and maybe not .
 Spotted this little Bald Guy when I was at the Foundry this week . Creating models , then molds and finally casting molten metal into parts or art work is the coolest damn thing I have ever been involved with . This is the ultimate way to go when you want to take your craft to the next level . Your imagination is the only limit you have. I have only been casting parts for the last 5 years or so and I tell you I wish had done this kind of work my whole life. It has allowed me to take my one man shop and put food on the table . My friend Jim Calcagno and his daughter Nicki have opened the door for me to explore a whole new world of metal working. Calcagno Foundry and Studio in Sandy Oregon is one outstanding company to work with. I love those guys .
 Most of my posts are bike related but todays post is giving you an inside shot of the foundry on one of my trips to pick up frame castings. They can do the Small to Giant projects . They do any type of castings you could want . They operate a sand cast foundry and there second foundry is a lost wax  foundry.
 My shop has been turning out molds for some time now and welcome any new projects. If you have an idea for a cast metal part and you need help to get it to the next level , give me a call. We can do the whole process for you from your idea to a part in your hand in pretty fast time . Motorcycle parts are my first choice to produce . I will take on any job you have , big or small . We can provide rapid prototype parts . Or just go off an existing model of yours.  . We make wax injection dies from aluminum and a 2 part urethane . Full blown casting services at a reasonable price.

 If you have ideas for castings you think might fly , give me a call and if l think you got something , we can go from there.  Always looking for the next big thing before everyone else jumps on the band wagon.
Next post will be back to talking shop .
Remember , " if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg
Calcagno Foundry . Industrial and Fine Art Castings . 503-663-5840 .

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blackline T Bars

 T Bars mounted on an H D Blackline .These  are 14 " tall and 30" wide. With grips they measure at 32 " wide. If you don't own a Blackline you don't have to worry about having a model bike that only fits one bar.
As owners of a Blackline know , there is not many options in the handle bar department .
 We have 3 model bars for the Blackline. These T Bars , our Dukes , and our new " Ace Ape's " . Will post images of the Ace Ape's middle of week when they  get back from Powdercoat. Similar to the stock bars only with height and made from 1 1/4" tube .
We make bars for all models bikes  in several size's of tubing . custom orders excepted . Fast service . All American made parts . Give me a hollar if your in the need for a set of bars for your ride.  Thanks .

" if your coastin , your goin down hill " jg